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Bio & Résumé

Andreas Lundblad is a software developer with a passion for quality and correctness. After finishing his PhD in computer science, he joined the langtools team at Oracle to develop the javac compiler and other language related tools. In 2016 he started at Palantir as a forward deployed engineer and dev.

Andreas is among the top 100 users on Stack Overflow and was recently selected as one of Swedens top 10 developers under 30 and top 10 Tutor on

When he’s not writing code he’s attending programming meetups, practicing juggling or spending time with his wife and three kids.

Résumé (updated May 2020) and list of publications.


Hundreds of articles on various programming topics include Java, go and general computing. The articles are concise and provide examples up front.
A tool for monitoring progress and ETA of an arbitrary process. Click the link to see gif screen casts!
A site that tracks Elo rating for Stack Overflow users. As opposed to reputation, which is a cumulative measure of how much the community has appreciated a users contributions, the rating is a relative measure of a users "skill" compared to other users.
Dead Simple Jekyll Comments
A DIY comment system for Jekyll sites. It uses webhook to intercept comment submissions and writes them to a comment file which is commited and pushed in a separate branch.

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My favorite talks and articles

  1. Pacific Northwest Scala 2013 We're Doing It All Wrong, talk by Paul Phillips
  2. Server-Side Rendering is a Thiel Truth, article by Tim Ruffles
  3. Paying Down Your Technical Debt, article by Jeff Atwood
  4. Java Generics gotchas, article by Brian Goetz
  5. The "C is Efficient" Language Fallacy, article by Mark C. Chu-Carroll
  6. 10x is a State of Being, Not a Type of Engineer, article by Jeff Dickey
  7. Hyperproductive development, article by Jessica Kerr