Andreas Lundblad


2007–2013 Ph.D. Theoretical Computer Science, Formal Methods / Runtime Verification
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm

2002–2007 M.Sc. Computer Science, Formal Design Techniques
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm

1990–2002 Primary / Upper Secondary School, Natural Science Program
Tensta Gymnasium, Stockholm

Work Experience

2023–presentFounder, Aioobe Software AB
Currently focusing on Plan A, which is a web application for generation of school schedules. Work includes constraint solving, backend (Java) and frontend (TypeScript / React).

2016–presentForward Deployed Engineer, Palantir Technologies
Deploying and adapting Palantir software at various customer sites. Software deployed is used to assist users in mission critical operations. My responsibilities include everything from installation of operating system, databases and Palantir software, to adapting/developing new backend and frontend components.

2013–2016Senior Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
Member of the Langtools team which is responsible for tools such as javac, javap, javah and javadoc as well as parts of the core API. My work has mainly been focused on javac and a wrapper for javac called sjavac which adds support for incremental and parallel compilation.

2011–2014Co-founder / Backend Dev, Comparific
Back-end developer for the Android application Comparific which is used to find the best cell-phone price plans based on call history, texts and data usage. Currently analyzes over 200 price plans and add-ons. Challenges include combinatorial explosion of add-on combinations and designing the code to be simple and easy to maintain while still being able to handle all the different price plan variants (contracts, prepaid, pay as you go etc).

2008–presentFounder, Aioobe Software
Built a custom CMS for a careers fair using Scala and LiftWeb. Features included invoice generation, host/exhibitor pairing and scheduling of exhibitor/student conversations. Have also developed a webshop for jewelry business and done some consulting (C++, Drupal and WordPress development).

2007–2013Researcher, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH
Scientific research in fields of software security, runtime monitoring, binary rewriting, proof carrying code, concurrency, the Java memory model and distributed systems.

Taught courses such as automata theory, program semantics and analysis, logics, algorithms and data structures, complexity theory, program construction in C++, advanced algorithms, software development techniques.

Was responsible for introducing and taking care of newly employed researchers.

Primary advisor of three master’s theses: ADAPT: Automatically Distributed Anonymous Proxy Torrent, Monitor Inlining in ABS and TaintDroid-Integrated Policy Inliner.

2003-2006Programmer, SAAB Technologies, Electronic Warfare Systems Division
Work included implementation of automatic tests and software development for anti-radar systems. Participated in meetings with the Italian Air force in Pratica de Mare, Italy.

Honors and Awards

Best of 2020: Chosen as a Top 10 tutor at

30under30 Contest of 2014: Selected as one of Swedens top 30 tech executors / top 10 developers under the age of 30.

The Dragon of Enlightenment: Awarded for meritorious work in undergraduate education during 2011.

Honor Grant: Awarded to best M.Sc. student among Computer Science graduates of 2007 at Royal Institute of Technology, KTH.


Graduation Analyzer. Developed software for analyzing student grades and graduation constraints at KTH. It aggregated information from several data sources, analyzed it and produced Excel reports. The software cut down time consuming administrative tasks by orders of magnitude. It was later adopted by other institutions and is still used on a daily basis.

Multri.Net, a multiplayer Tetris game featuring team play, several play modes, online replays, an integrated tournament system, multiple high score lists and an Elo rating system. The server solves many challenging problems such as cheat prevention and client synchronization with minimal latency. (Java, 28 kloc)

Contributions at Contributed with over 3.000 answers in the Java, C++, Android, Regex, algorithms and multithreading tags since 2010. With a current rating of 242k, I belong to the top 100 (top 0.01%) users., a Elo based rating system for Stack Overflow users. Features include live monitoring of new posts through the StackExchange REST API and an a custom in-memory data model for fast page generation.

Best student in the course Problem Solving and Programming under Pressure.

Technical skills

Used various Linux distributions almost exclusively for the past 20 years. Both privately and professionally, and both online and air gapped. Know all the ins and outs of the Java language and the core API. Also proficient with JavaScript, TypeScript, shell scripting, C/C++, Scala, Python, Prolog, Matlab, PHP, CSS and SQL, Gradle, npm/yarn and Maven. I use Docker for all my private projects.

Above all, always eager to pick up a book and learn something new.


Spending time with my wife and children, organizing and going to programming meetups, programming puzzles and participating in programming contests, both as a competitor and problem author. Was head coach for my daughters soccer team and assistant coach in a local Judo club. Practice juggling, long distance running and swimming.

Scientific Publications

ABS-NET: Fully Decentralized Runtime Adaptation for Distributed Objects
  • K. Palmskog
  • M. Dam
  • A. Lundblad
  • A. Jafari
(Proc. ICE 2013)
Inlined Reference Monitors: Certification, Concurrency and Tree Based Monitoring
  • A. Lundblad
(Ph.D. thesis, 2013)
TreeDroid: A Tree Automaton Based Approach to Enforcing Data Processing Policies
  • M. Dam
  • G. Le Guernic
  • A. Lundblad
(Proc. CCS 2012)
Security Monitor Inlining and Certification for Multithreaded Java
  • M. Dam
  • B. Jacobs
  • A. Lundblad
  • F. Piessens
(MSCS 2011)
Provably Correct Inline Monitoring for Multi-threaded Java-like Programs
  • M. Dam
  • B. Jacobs
  • A. Lundblad
  • F. Piessens
(JCS 2010)
A Proof Carrying Code Framework for Inlined Reference Monitors in Java Bytecode
  • M. Dam
  • A. Lundblad
(Technical Report)
Security monitor inlining for multithreaded Java
  • M. Dam
  • B. Jacobs
  • A. Lundblad
  • F. Piessens
(Proc. ECOOP 2009)
Verification Condition Generation and Discharge in a Hoare Logic with Recursion
  • A. Lundblad
(M.Sc. thesis, 2007)


Available upon request.