Andreas Lundblad
Jun 29, 2022

I got the BeUno implant for reading my body temperature!

Today I got the BeUno implant inserted, which allows me to read my current body temperature with an app on my phone!

The chip is inside a 2x15 mm cylindrical bio compatible glass capsule, and is inserted with a syringe.

Here’s a video of the procedure followed by a reading of the body temperature. (A tiny bit of blood in there, so viewer discretion is advised.)

The price tag of the chip is at 249 €, and the procedure cost about 150 €. I got mine inserted at Platinum Ink Piercing. They were very professional.

I chose to place the chip below the collar bone because when measuring the body temperature you want a value which is as close to your core temperature as possible. Somewhere on the torso is ideal. (Your legs can easily be 4-5 degrees colder than your core temp which should be around 37 degrees.)

I don’t think I’ll be bothered by the chip the slightest. Right now, I’m still a bit sore in the area, so I’m reminded of the chip when wearing a seatbelt or backpack, but it’s barely noticeable.

The app works really well even though it’s still in beta phase. The signal from the chip is better than I expected. I’d say it’s easier to get a reading from this chip than from the MiFare chip in my hand. I can get a reading on my Samsung Galaxy S20 through my t-shirt and without removing my phone cover.